Garra Rufa

For centuries garra rufa have been used as a natural skin healing treatment in the rivers and hot pools of Turkey and the Middle East. Our fish are experts in nibbling away layers of dead epidermis, leaving rejuvenated and healthy skin feeling fresh and smooth from the regenerating diathanol enzyme the fish leave behind. How does the fish pedicure feel? Like dipping your feet into a bubbling champagne jacuzzi. Our ictiotherapists just love eating dead skin, so wherever your problem areas are they will go to work straight away. We also give our fish specially formulated fish food and some cucumber to give them a balanced diet. Our healthy fish mean you will have healthier feet.

What are garra rufa?

Garra rufa kangal are tiny freshwater fish, native to Turkey and the Middle East. They can live in temperaturas ranging from 18º to 45º and are renowned for their healing properties, hence the nickname ‘doctor fish.’

What does it feel like?

Dipping your feet in a jacuzzi or a bucket of champagne…you may feel a bit ticklish for the first minute or so, but it soon becomes an uplifting and unusual massage sensation.

What are the benefits?

Apart from the smoother and softer feet, garra rufa fish leave a healing enzyme called diathanol that makes the epidermis healthier and more hydrated. It is well known as a treatment for psoriasis and other skin disorders, and is also considered by many to help relieve stress and raise natural endorphin levels in the body – fish pedicures are a great natural buzz for people suffering from tiredness and feeling burnt-out.

Is the water shared?

No. The 275 litres of water in our tanks is constantly filtered. The water passes through a variety of filter systems and anti-bacterial treatments more than six times an hour. Water is never shared with another customer, and all the water is filtered several times before the next customer is allowed to use the tank.